Tenant Registration

We have been managing rental property since 1998.  Our friendly, approachable staff have a wealth of experience and maintain an excellent rapport between landlord and tenant.

MCM only offer safe, decent, quality homes owned by responsible landlords.

Please complete the Tenant Registration form if you would like to view a property available with us.  It's fast, easy and free to do, but provides us with some key information to allow us to match you to your ideal home!

All information provided is protected under the Data Protection Act and taken in the strictest confidence.

Tenant Registration Document

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Let us know your MAXIMUM budget on rent per calendar month. Tenants paying through housing benefits for example, will be recalculated at a 4 weekly rate.
Please confirm how many adults will be living in the property with you, this includes grown up children who may stay with you between university terms or visit more than 1 month of the year for example.
Please confirm how many children (under 18) will be living in the property with you, this includes any children who will stay with you more than 1 month total of the year.
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Please let us know which property you're interested in. You can also include any extra information here like notice period on your current property, special living arrangements such as visiting children, pets and so on.