Frequently Asked Questions

Selling Your Home:

Are property viewings included? Yes. MCM don't charge you extra to do property viewings with you or on your behalf, it's all included. We offer viewings 7 days a week to suit you and can hold keys securely for access. We will always let you know about viewings on your property.

Do I have to pay anything up front? No. MCM do not charge you upfront for our services. We operate a genuine No Sale No Fee guarantee, so you don't pay us a penny until your sale completes.

How long will it take to market my home? MCM aim to have your property on the market within 24 hours of visiting to take photos and details. If you need longer or have any special requirements, let us know! 

How long will it take to find a buyer? Our current average time to find a buyer is 41 days (Spring 2017). It is important to approach house selling realistically. Some properties will always sell faster than others because of their location, condition or price. If you need a faster sale, perhaps consider auctioning your property instead. Ask our Sales Team for more information. 01773 716565.

How long will it take for the sale to complete? MCM expect most house sales to take between 10-14 weeks once a buyer has been found. Some will move faster than others, depending on the circumstances of sale, special conditions and length of the chain.

What if my sale falls through? Don't panic. Sales can fall through for any number of reasons. As your agent, MCM strive to ensure that doesn't happen in the first place, but some circumstances are beyond our control. In these rare instances, we work hard to re-market, address any special needs that might arise and get you a new buyer, at no extra cost.

Can I use my own solicitor / financial adviser? Absolutely! MCM don't believe in locking you in to agreements to use our associated solicitors and financial advisers. If you need guidance, we have several local firms we can recommend, based on our personal experience and the experiences of our previous clients.

What is an EPC? An EPC is an energy performance certificate. This documents the overall energy efficiency (and potential efficiency) of your home including insulation, heating type and room sizes for example, so that your buyer knows roughly how much it will cost per year to run. All property that is sold or let must now have an EPC. 

Where do I get an EPC? Check to see if your property has a current EPC. The certificate lasts for 10 years provided no big changes have been made since it was done, such as a boiler replacement or cavity wall insulation. If not, MCM have a local provider they can instruct on your behalf for a cost of £85 inc. VAT, or you may instruct your own provider. We must have the EPC in order to market your property.